Iwaji Festival, Abia State

Iwaji Festival

The State boasts of a large variety of traditional Festivals/dances in virtually all the autonomous communities in the State. These are celebrated at various seasons in the year. Officially, there is the State-owned Ugwuabia Festival. Ugwuabia (the pride of Abia) festival is a grassroot festival where all the LGAs in the State come to showcase the best of all their culture in a carnival.

Each community in Abia State has different festivals celebrated in honour of its gods and goddesses, or to mark important events. The beginning of the planting season as well as the harvest season are celebrated annually.

Iwaji Festival
The most significant festival in Abia State is the annual New Yam Festival (also known as Iwaji) celebrated in thanksgiving to the gods for a good harvest. It is usually held at the end of the rainy season in early August.

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Iwaji Festival


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