Tourist Attractions in Kaduna State

Tourism, Tourist Attractions in Kaduna State


Fifth Chukker Polo Resort
Gamji Park
Kaduna National Museum and Monument
Kagoro Hills
Kamuku National Park
Kerfena Hills in Zaria
Lord Lugard Bridge in Kaduna Town
Lord Lugard Hall
Maitsirga Water Falls in Kafanchan
The Ancient Nok Culture
The Emir Palace of Zaria
Zaria City Wall

Just as other Nigerian states have beautiful places that sell them, Kaduna is not left out. There are a large number of exquisite places you can visit in Kaduna. Some of these destinations in Kaduna tell history, some for luxury while others are just jaw-dropping.

Kaduna state has numerous tourist attractions and comfortable five star hotels such as Durbar and Hamdala Hotels, among others, Tourist attractions include the Nok Cultural Safe at Kuwi in Jema's Local Government Area, the Maitsirga Water falls in Kafanchan, the Legendary Lord Lugard bridge in Kaduna town, the Kerfena Hills in Zaria and the Palace of the Emir of Zaria. There are also modern parks and gardens.

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