The Iron of Liberty Kogi State


The Iron of Liberty refers to the place where slaves were freed in 1860 by the anti-slavery British crusaders. The area is marked with two iron poles. Lokoja, because of its location near the banks of River Niger, was an important centre for the slave trade in Nigeria.

Lokoja’s strategic location at the bank of the River Niger made it an important centre for slave trade in the 18th and 19th centuries. The Iron of Liberty is located in the compound of the first primary school in northern Nigeria. Here, many slaves were freed at the end of the slave trade. On the Iron of Liberty is an inscription.


Lokoja was an important centre for slave trade during the Nupe wars. Lokoja became a collection centre for slaves seized from slave merchants to be consequently set free.

The spot where such slaves were freed is marked with a piece of iron now referred to as the Iron of Liberty. It is a monument any tourist in Lokoja should not ignore.

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