Lord Lugard's First Residence & Office in Nigeria


These are five sets of prefabricated houses whose materials were said to have been brought to Lokoja from England in 1900. Many still wonder that no single nail was used to construct any of these buildings. These buildings are found in different places in Lokoja. One is located at the National Museum.

Another one is located within the premises of the Kogi State council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists. Another one is currently being used as the office of the Kogi State Hotels and Tourism Board. Along the state police command headquarters is also one of the buildings which is now being used as an Upper Area court. It is named Lord Lugard Area Court.

All the buildings stand on stilts and they can be dismantled.The first prison yard in Northern Nigeria, the Assistant Director of the Kogi State Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Mr Idoko Ameh, explained that Lord Lugard built the prison to control the people he was administering. The yard is located inside the Kogi State Hotels and Tourism compound.


The authorities of the state tourism board say the prison has been there since 1945 but now transferred to Benin Prison. The Kogi State Ministry of Culture and Tourism is currently using the prison for a mini arts gallery. Inside it are statutes of former military administrators and civilian governors of Kogi State.

Lord Lugard Rest House at Mount Pati, the Assistant Director of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism also described as Lord Lugards Rest House. The house is located on the popular Mount Pati in Lokoja. Lugard’s intention for this house was just to go there and rest after the day’s job. He would go there to watch the activities on the River Niger.

He was said never to receive visitors there. The place is today a shadow of its past. It has been overtaken by grasses. Many think it would have been a great monument if it had not been neglected.

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