Farin Ruwa Waterfalls


The Farin Ruwa Waterfall is the face of tourism in Nasarawa State. Although the state could boast of other tourism endowments in culture and other eco-tourism sites, however, once tourism is mentioned in the state, the first place that comes to mind is the waterfall.The waterfall is located in the Wamba Council Area of the state. From Wamba, one could take a vehicle or commercial cyclist a to the waterfall. The road to the fall could be quite challenging.

The ubiquitous commercial motorcyclist came to the rescue. Heading towards the fall, one could take the Marabaor Sisibaki route. However, for a better view of the wonderful Wamba landscape, detouring through the Maraba route is the best.The road to the fall is a little isolated. Only one or two farmers could be seen coming back from their farms. Along this route is a rather simple bridge built with wood. That might just be the obstacle to those who may be making the trip in their private car. Although the width is relatively safe, it could be scary since there are no rails by the sides and the river below is quite active during the rainy season. After crossing the bridge, one would then burst on the untarred road, passing through villages like Marhai, Mama and Kulere.

The Wamba landscape is picturesque and one drink from nature’s beauty here. This is common in a large chunk of the North Central Nigeria area. It might not be very adviseable for one to embark on a trip to the fall during the rainy season as the streams are very active and could be dangerous.From almost 15 kilometres, one could see a tall hill will a gash of white in the middle. It gives the impression that one was almost at the fall, but it is wrong as one has to still travel quite a distance.

At a point, the motorcycle was discarded due to the steep nature of the rocks. We climbed down and then up again before the fall dramatically burst before us. It was a sight. Close to 100-feet water forming a whitish foam and cascading from above to the ground, sending tiny droplets of water all over the place, Farin Ruwa is really a sight to behold, but until the issue of accommodation and accessibility is taken care of, the waterfall may not receive the kind of tourism traffic it deserves.

To develop the waterfall to international tourism standards, the Nasarawa state government is investing millions of dollars to build chalets and a hotel complex, a golf course, water and amusement parks, among other recreational facilities that will attract tourists by their thousands.When completed, they would transform the waterfall into the biggest tourist destination in Nigeria, put Nasarawa State on the world tourism map and transform the country into a major tourist destination.

Farin Ruwa is just as spectacular as Canada’s Niagara Falls and Zambia’s Victoria Falls. The nature and beauty of the waterfalls takes ones’ breath away!It is a truly magnificent work of nature for its high level falls which is about 150 metres high and 50 metres wide, absolutely incomparable with other waterfalls in Nigeria.

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