Odu Festival Nasarawa State


The distinctive symbolic festival and the heart of traditionalism in Doma, Nasarawa State in the month of March. The festival is to appease the gods and purify the living as well as celebrate victories at special occasions. The festival is great touristic potentials.

The Odu cultural play is a symbol of unity for the Alago people. The Odu cultural festival is the major festival celebrated by the Alago people of Doma to celebrate victory over enemies and also usher in the rainy season. Although, Odu cultural festival is also celebrated in Assakio, another Alago settlement, that of Doma remains unique as it is characterised with fanfare. The Odu annual cultural festival attracts spectators from far and near, and other Alago neighbouring towns, who come out in their numbers to celebrate culture. The annual cultural festival normally takes place in March, specifically on Mondays and Tuesdays. The first day, Monday, is  usually for the subjects, while the second day, Tuesday, is for the traditional ruler, the Andoma of Doma, to show up, well dressed in Alago traditional regalia, where he will sit and admire his subjects exhibiting their different dancing steps.

The climax of the annual Odu cultural festival is when the Ekwu (masquerade), will also exhibit some dancing steps and somersault in the presence of the Andoma of Doma, then the Ekwu and the Andoma, will retire to the palace and that marks the end the annual cultural festival.

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