Numan Rock and HIlls, Nasarawa State


Numan rocks/hills are found at the outskirts of Andaka town and Akwanga-Fadan Karshi road in Akwanga LGA of the State. The rocks/hills stand spectacular with striking peaks and sceneries.

From top of the hills, most part of the State and parts of the FCT, Abuja could be viewed. The rocks/hills are good potential for mountaineering.

Numan Rock and Hills is a good place to visit is you love nature and outdoors. The views are breathtaking. You will need to hire a car for the trip, as there is no regular shuttle to the hills. You may also want to pack food and drinks for a small picnic if you plan to spend some time at the hills. You may make a stop at a nearby town to buy food or a rest stop.

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