14 Extravagant Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas to Dazzle Your Home

With just month to go for Christmas, the hearts of the people are filled with excitement and joy. The preparations for the festival are already in full swing. Decorating Christmas trees with ornaments, welcoming guests, baking cakes and cookies, singing carols, and exchanging gifts make Christmas the most awaited holiday of the year. The tradition of decorating a Christmas tree adds spice to this pleasant festival. This tree gets decked up with sparkling ornaments, gifts, and lights with a faith of finding Santa’s gift next morning.

Below are some fun and unique ways of decorating a Christmas tree to bring a cheerful touch to a home. Whether it is about going the traditional way or a modern one in decorating the Christmas tree, these incredible Christmas tree decorating ideas will make Christmas holiday a cherished one.

1. The Traditional Christmas tree

If a person is a minimalist who likes to go for simple and elegant things, then the traditional Christmas tree is just the right choice for him/her. With such an ultra- minimalist decor, there is no need of extravagant decoration materials and ornaments. Going for ready-made decorations, twinkling lights, and golden ribbons with a star on top is enough to style this Christmas tree. So, this Christmas, let the arboreal elegance of the tree speak for itself.

The Traditional Christmas tree

2. The Tiny Christmas tree for small spaces

Thinking of where to place the enormous Christmas tree in a cramped home? Don’t let this worry you. The tiny Christmas tree is an incredible solution for homes which are short on space. The unusual miniature Christmas trees helps people in not compromising the joy of decorating a Christmas tree on an auspicious occasion of Christmas. This tress can be dolled up with tiny ornaments, candles, toys, candies, cookies, and decorative balls

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Tiny Christmas tree

3. Go for subtle yet beautiful white and silver Christmas tree

Looking for a Christmas tree decoration that is shiny yet subtle? If yes, then white and silver Christmas tree is a perfect choice for you. This tree is a reflection of snow covered pine trees carrying a softness and warmth that is grand and inviting. Decking up a Christmas tree in white and silver is definitely an escape from the regular red and green theme. It is classy, elegant, making everyone awe-struck with its beauty.

silver Christmas tree

4. The Victorian Charm

This tree is absolutely suitable for the people obsessed with the typical red and gold decoration of Christmas tree. Massively dolled up with the golden lights, jingle bells, and regular ornaments, this tree is a delight to the eyes.

Victorian Charm

5. Say yes to the classic elements!

Decorating a Christmas tree with all the classic elements is like preserving the warmth and joy of the treasured festival. A comprehensive blend of soften tones, stylish glitter, and multicolored ribbons give this Christmas tree a charismatic glamour. Truly an artistic decoration!


6. Crimson red-colored Christmas tree

Crimson red is considered the most amazing hue of red. Decorating a Christmas tree in everything crimson red imparts this tree a divine look. The artificial flowers, ribbons ornaments, toys, lights and the red roses makes perfect ingredients in decorating a Christmas tree in crimson red color.

red-colored Christmas

7. Ornamented Golden Christmas tree

Imagine everything dazzling in golden! The sight is worth watching for. The tree looks amazing and has an apt blend of lights and ornaments that adds a magic to the ambience of the Christmas decor. And the alluring golden fabric spruces up the entire tree perfectly.

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Golden Christmas tree

8. Purple Christmas tree

The color purple carries an elegance and charm with it. Try decking up Christmas trees in purple with silver decorations. Decorate the tree with the purple and silver ornaments for an ethereal effect. Undoubtedly, the sparkling decorations will talk for themselves.

Purple Christmas tree

9. Creative Christmas tree

Let the creativity within you come out this Christmas. Dolling up a Christmas tree with the ornaments created at home will make the festival even more memorable. Gift cards, Toys, handmade crafts, cookies, and candies can be used in decorating the Christmas tree.

Creative Christmas tree

10. Lights Christmas tree

Lights are often associated with the festival of Diwali. But this, let the lights brightens your Christmas festival in the most beautiful way. Wrap you Christmas tree in just lights to make it look more heavenly and out-of-the-world. As soon as the light goes off and the tree lights turned on, take a plunge into the divine atmosphere.

Lights Christmas tree

11. Christmas tree Decked in Colorful floral

Give a natural touch to the Christmas tree this year with charming and fresh flowers. Keep it simple by going for 3-4 shades of flowers. This kind of a decoration will not only make your tree look beautiful but also fills the room with their alluring fragrance.


12. Snowman Inspired Christmas tree

Who doesn’t like to make snowman out of snow? Everybody does. Going by the snowman theme while decorating the lovely Christmas tree, is an inviting option for many people. So get all the decorative stuffs like socks, mufflers, colored and shiny balls collected to adorn the tree in the snowy way with a snowman’s hat on top. Don’t forget to sprinkle some cotton on the tree to give it a snowy effect!

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Inspired Christmas

13. The Evergreen Santa Christmas tree

How can we forget Santa when talking about Christmas celebrations? Santa is that special person for whom the whole world waits for on the eve of Christmas. This time, dedicate a Christmas tree to the most awaited person on this auspicious occasion. Hit to the nearest local store or flea market to grab all the things that will be required to create a vintage Santa tree.

Evergreen Santa

14. Candy-licious Christmas tree

Remember those balloons filled with candies in a birthday party. Bring back those childhood memories back to life with this beautiful and fanciful tree. It is a perfect substitute to the traditional Christmas trees and a treat for the kids. Get your favorite chocolates and candies to refurbish this tree and bring home happiness. Merry Christmas!

Candy licious



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