Why is MIT Go Black Kratom shot taking over a Nigerian Community?

The world appreciates and embraces natural and plant-based products to maintain a healthy life. Therefore, scientists and researchers are working hard toward redesigning age-old products to make them more convenient. In today’s era, recreational products such as Kratom are gaining popularity due to their benefits.

MIT45, a reputed and trustworthy Kratom vendor, offers premium-quality concentrated liquid shots. Among their wide range of Kratom shots, the mit go black has become people’s favorite in the Nigerian community due to its pleasant taste. So, if you are a beginner and wish to try Kratom shots, you must try the MIT45 Go Black shot to have a better Kratom experience.

What Is Exactly Kratom?

Kratom is mainly a herbal compound from a tropical evergreen tree named Mitragyna Speciosa, which is a bit similar to the coffee plant. This plant grows heavily in different countries of Southeast Asia. The leaves of Kratom contain certain alkaloid compounds named mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. They mainly follow a unique drying and fermenting process to give every strain its color. Farmers harvest and extract them from the Kratom leaves.

Depending on the maturity, they pluck them from the tree to maintain their potency and organicity. Then, they make Kratom extracts by following the same technique. However, Kratom is available in various strains such as Green, Red, White, Yellow, and other hybrid veins. Apart from the Kratom shots, it is available in different forms such as powder, capsules, etc.

Introducing MIT45 Liquid Kratom Products

As a relatively new player in the Kratom industry, MIT45 has attracted a large spectrum of audiences within a few times. Some specific scientific data suggest that MIT45 Kratom offers a wide range of shots containing 45% unique and high-quality alkaloid compounds. We all know that generally Kratom does not taste good because it is a natural product. It tastes bitter and comes up with a gritty texture.

But, MIT45 liquid shots taste good as they mix natural flavors and tasty extracts to it, making it taste good. Their most sought-after Kratom shot is MIT Go Black which offers a fantastic taste. It is available in different strains so that users can pick their favorite strain.

What Are the Ingredients Present in Go Black Shots of MIT45- Does It Come in Tasty Gel Form?

MIT Go Black is one of the generally accepted shots in the Nigerian community because of its potential effects and high quality. It offers similar benefits as the Kratom Boost shots of MIT45 offers to users. It comes in a bottle that contains 150 gms of Kratom extracts.

And yes, the Go Black Extra Strength comes in the tasty gel form and added flavors such as dark amber honey, cinnamon powder, orange flavor, citrus extract, black pepper extract, tapioca syrup, etc., for better taste. In addition, it contains naturally sourced Kratom alkaloids and other natural compounds, such as citric acid, to maintain its organicity and freshness.

Is MIT45 Go Black Shot Good For Energy and Pain Relief?

Kratom products generally do not claim to cure, treat, or diagnose any ailments. However, the alkaloids present in Kratom shots may directly hit on the same receptors as morphine. Therefore, it offers outcomes similar to morphine. But, it does not contain any harmful substances as harmful products do.

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It may contain mood-enhancing substances, which can be a great and safe alternative. But, there is still no proof that it has pain-relieving properties. However, it is worth noting that not so many tests can detect the substances of Kratom easily. So, very few clinical tests can detect the presence of Kratom in your body.

Is Kratom Legal?

FDA has banned Kratom products in several counties in the USA. It is so because the FDA has not approved Kratom as a dietary supplement and claimed that it is an addictive alkaloids contained product.

On the other hand, the World Health Organization decided not to ban Kratom globally after an in-depth critical review. So, when you purchase MIT Go Black Extra, you must check local regulations limiting to your locality.

Is Kratom Safe to Consume?

Yes, Kratom is considered safe if taken in the correct dosage. You can get the benefits of MIT Go Black Extra Strength if you identify the best dose that suits you. However, if you can’t decide on the correct dose, contact a medical practitioner who can help you with this. Do not overdose, as you might develop extreme side effects. So, it would be best to take precautions and research MIT Go Black Extra Strength and its related factors. It would also help your body adjust to the Kratom extract slowly, making it the best way to start your Kratom journey.

Reasons Behind the Popularity of MIT Go Black Kratom Shot Among the Nigerian Community

In the initial stages of a brand, it is indeed hard to trust a particular brand. However, there is no guarantee that a brand that has been in the industry for a long time will provide you with good-quality products. But MIT45 is a trendy Kratom brand that has come up with a wide range of Kratom shots that contain premium quality Kratom extracts.

In the Nigerian Community, the MIT Go Black Extra Strength is gaining popularity for multiple reasons. One of the primary reasons is its taste and its proprietary blend. If you are a Kratom user, you know that Kratom does not taste good and has a grassy flavor. Therefore, some people doubt Kratom but still want to use Kratom to reap its potential benefits. In addition, MIT45 is rising exponentially because its products do not give off any sour flavors.

Their powerful MIT Go Black Extra Strength shots offer a fantastic taste that will excite your taste bud. Their Kratom shots contain organic compounds and natural flavors such as black pepper extract, dark amber honey, cinnamon powder, citric acid, tapioca syrup, different vitamins, etc. They do it to enhance the taste without hampering its effectiveness so that users can enjoy the shots in a euphorically blissful way. However, now let’s see the reasons behind the immense popularity of MIT Go Black shots.

MIT Go Black Extra Strength Contains High-Quality Extracts

There are multiple reasons why the Kratom shots of MIT45 are preferable for many users and why it differs from other brands. First, each Kratom shot contains a higher concentration of Kratom extracts that are premium quality. In addition, they follow a unique manufacturing process where the shots undergo triple verification tests.

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A team of experts will always try and test out every product to make the shots free from contaminants, toxins, and dangerous substances. They test it under different circumstances to check how it reacts to ensure safe human consumption. They also concentrate on packaging and put the extract in an air-tight bottle. They also got GMP certification from American Kratom Association for their dedicated work level.

MIT Go Black Extra Strength Shot Is A Lab-Tested Product

Lab testing plays a pivotal role in consuming recreational and organic products. Lab tests also verify a product’s sterility and reliability. So, in this way, people can distinguish between good and poorly manufactured products. With the increasing number of fraudulent vendors, it becomes difficult for Kratom users to find a supplier that sells high-quality lab-tested products.

The best part of having the MIT Go Black Extra Strength shot is they are third-party lab-tested. It means they send their products to a laboratory that gives no-biased results. So, the experts of MIT45 always verify their shots and run several tests to make them more potent and maintain their originality. However, the professionals test the product batches under different circumstances to check their potency so that they can prepare the shots for sale.

MIT Go Black Extra Strength Is Extracted Naturally to Ensure Organicity

Another primary reason behind the popularity of the Kratom shots of MIT45 is its freshness. You may not know, but the shots contain all the natural products and flavors. Additionally, MIT45 use only AKA-approved products in their shots to make them more potent.

One thing that grabs the attention of the Nigerian Community is that MIT45 produces its shots using advanced machinery and technology. They try very hard to keep its freshness intact. But, they do not mix any other drugs or harsh chemicals to enhance their taste. Instead, they do it naturally so that customers can use their shots.

MIT Go Black Extra Strength Is Very Easy to Use

Earlier, Kratom was available in limited forms such as Kratom powder, capsules, etc., including solid particles infused in other edibles such as dried leaves, raw leaves, beverages, etc. However, they are not easy to use and consume. Additionally, it requires lots of time to make the Kratom tasty. But, when you purchase Kratom shots of MIT45, they come in pre-measured doses and tasty flavors.

Many users find it hard to continue making Kratom-infused products because they lack time. Such users will be happy to know that there is no need to add other things to consume MIT Go Black Extra Strength. All you need to do is purchase and have it raw. It also comes in handy, so you can easily carry them wherever you want.

MIT Go Black Extra Strength Offers Excellent Dose Control

Another reason why Kratom Users and Kratom enthusiasts from Nigeria prefer to try the MIT45 Kratom shots and recommend them is because of their excellent dose control. If you use Kratom, you know that Kratom products are dose-oriented. So, beginners must have it in the correct dosage to reap its potential benefits. Otherwise, they might develop chronic side effects or dependency.

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For this reason, MIT45 Kratom shots contain high-quality extracts that offer great dose control. As a result, consumers can measure the dose very quickly without professional help. In addition, users can increase or reduce the amount of the extracts quickly at their convenience. However, it is crucial to note that you must have the shots in a regulated manner.

MIT Go Black Extra Strength Is Safe From Contaminants and Adulteration

When it comes to organic strong kratom products, most people always search for products free from harsh chemicals and toxins. Keeping that in mind, MIT45 offers products that undergo a triple verification process to make the shots a refined version of Kratom.

You may not know, but when farmers harvest Kratom, the manufacturers of MIT45 use advanced technology to run several tests so that they can make the products free from all dangerous bacteria. Therefore, people from Nigeria prefer to consume the MIT45 Kratom shots because there is insufficient evidence of adulteration and contaminants.

MIT Go Black Extra Strength Has Great Customer Reviews

Another reason why Kratom users try MIT45 shots is because of their excellent customer reviews available online. Many people have used the shots for mental peace and as a safer alternative to other drugs. However, we know customer reviews play a crucial role when purchasing something online. Customers can check everything and get an idea of the product’s efficiency and potency.

MIT45 Shots have gained overwhelming customer reviews, highlighting their product’s potency and quality. People have reported that as the shots contain a higher concentration of alkaloids in the purest form, they experience a great result after completing one shot. Additionally, people also praise MIT45 shots because of their pre-measured doses. It helped many customers worldwide who used the Kratom shots for the first time.

Users Can Have MIT Go Black Extra Strength Innovatively

Kratom enthusiasts use the MIT45 Kratom shots because they can have them innovatively. For example, people never thought they could consume Kratom shots with natural flavors in liquid form. MIT45 made using different flavors and natural extracts possible to enhance Kratom’s experience.

You can try it if you want to have it with different beverages or food. You can combine it with different edibles or have it with different beverages. Another best part is that users can add their favorite flavor and experiment with other things.

You can have it in the morning with tea to refresh your mood and boost productivity. If you dislike tea, you can make a hot cup of coffee. You can consume it at any time of the day and mix the shots with other food items. However, always check the dose you are taking to ensure safe consumption.


Kratom is a versatile herbal compound gaining popularity in the Nigerian community because of its particular benefits. Many people also use this strain of Kratom For Pain and Anxiety. Though many brands sell Kratom shots, not everyone is as good as MIT Go Black Extra Strength. However, they are very easy to store and use and contain premium-quality extracts. So, if you want to purchase their shots, visit their website to get the Kratom shots of your favorite strain.

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