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Population Est.:  169,183
Biase is one of prominent towns in Cross river state Nigeria, they are descendants of Obutong town in Calabar, they migrated from Calabar to present day Biase as a result of a brief misunderstanding between Efik brothers. There was a popular incident that make this part of state known,it has to do with killing of twins, the Biase people and their Efik brothers were the one practisng this atrocity before Mary Slassor stopped it more than a century ago.
There are many customs and Uge tradition among Efik people and Biase people observe all these festival, Customs and traditions including Ekpe, Ekombi and Abang. The Ekpe Society is the authority in some parts of Biase whilst Agban is observed in Ubaghara, while Abbu is observed by the Erei north mostly which comprises (Umuolor, Ipene, Elu, Egbor, Obum) and Ijom across the River.
The Efik language is the main language of Biase people but several variations of the Efik language, such as Ubaghara and Ukwa, are also spoken in Biase.

The people of Biase speak Efik they also have another major language which is s the Erei language which is the original language of the Erei and Biase people, Erei is a language spoken by group of communities or towns, namely, Abanwan, Afono, Edu/Elu, Egbor, Etana, Ibini, Ipene, Obum, Umuolor and Urugbam, which is the capital, and Abayong people on the other side of the river. Erei is also spoken by the Etono people in Ugbahara and partially spoken by the Abini people. The Agwuagwune and Adim people also understand and speak Erei at a basic level.
Biase is a Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the town of Akpet Central.
The people of Biase are known for their hard work most especially in farming. The area is blessed with abundant fertile land which is suitable for cultivation of the following cash and crops.
 Banana, Cashew, Cassava, Castor, Citrus Orchard, Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Grape, Groundnut, Honey breeding, Kola nut, Mango, Palm Tree, Pineapple, Plantation, Rice, Soya beams, Tea, Wheat and Yams.

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