Popular Markets in Cross River State

Cross River Market

Akpabuyo Market
Is a Fruit and Vegetable Markets , this is a Market that is known for buying and selling at lower price, things like foodstuff, Clothing materials, Cosmetics

Boki/Bokobri Market
It is the region has a contiguous border with the Republic of Cameroon and is known internationally as a commercial centre for agricultural commodities such as cocoa, coffee, timber, and palm products.

Esuk Mba Market
This is likely one of the oldest markets in Cross-River state.
Location: The market is located Esuk MBA clan, a town in Akpabuyo local government in Cross-River state and is some kilometers from the city of Calabar if you are traveling by road.
Nearest Bus stop: Along the Old Marina Road.  This market is a fish and crayfish market, fishes like sardinella, croaker, herring, original mackerel and horse mackerel and others.
The history of this market according to one of the community leaders goes as far as the colonial era and was established by Mr. Doe. The unique and distinctive feature about this market is the fact that it is a trade by barter market.

Ikom Market
Is a market where you can find different tribes including Igbo,It is lies near the boundary between Nigeria and southern Cameroons. The market is meant for sell wholes goods like Bags,shoes, Wears  for both male and fmale, you will also see dealers of traveling bags and boxes.
The people of Ikom have derived their prosperity from the exploitation of their soil, which is eminently suitable for producing cocoa.

Marian market
The market is located in the heart of the old town of Calabar in Cross-River state. The market has been in existence for quite a while now. The Marian market is considered the largest market in Cross-River state. It is once a week, vegetables coming from further north in Nigeria arrives for sale.  The market day at Marian Market has a loud and joyous vibe that includes a lot of singing by women at the market as well as preachers.  Good bargains can be found on the produce.

Mbube Market
Is a market known for wholesales Gaari and yam, it is a central collecting market for Garri and Yam it is a deport/terminal markets.

Obudu/Ogoja market
This market  zone exhibit  a  five  day  periodic  market cycle, The entire people of Obudu-Ogoja zone participated in vigorous internal and external commerce long before the era of  Europeans  in  the  sixteenth  century.  They  had  developed  existing  infrastructural  facilities for trade  and  marketing  and  a  dense  network  of  trade  links  which  radiated  in  all  directions  of  need around  them.
Within Obudu, trade and marketing activities in Igwo clan provide an illustration on this view. Here, the native week is reckoned every five days notably: Katube, Ugidi, Azul, Lifembe and  Udama. This calendrical week had its basis on the economy of the people and existed long before the   advent   of   European   contact   in   the   area.   On   each   of   these   days, regulated   marketing transactions were carried on. On Katube day, marketing activities took place in Obudu urban.

Ogoja Market
Various goods were displayed   in these markets for exchange. They   ranged   from agricultural produce to specialized products.  Millet was a vital crop of the area with species ranging from white, brown or red. The brown or red specie was notable for brewing of Burukutu- a popular malt drink. Cocoyams are in abundance in these markets that is in Yala and Ogoja. Also Pepper, groundnuts and salt are very cheap there.

Okuku Market
It is a central disposal market of these goods but it is not as cheap as in Mbube but it is also a terminal markets for Gaari, Rice, Beans and Yam.

Uwanse Market
Location: Mayne Avenue Uwanse Road, Calabar Municipal, Cross-River, Nigeria

Watt market:
The watt market is considered the largest market in the state. It offers quite a wide variety of wares to individuals who intend to shop there that include fabrics, jeans, wax, car parts and even live chicken.  In addition to the above, the watt market has lots of eateries and hawkers that sell local dishes.
Location: Calabar road (Garden Street) Calabar South Local Government Area Cross-River State, Nigeria

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