Prominent Towns in Cross River

Cross River City

Latitude:   6.6063       Lat (DMS)                   6° 36' 23N
Longitude: 9.2520       Long (DMS)             9° 15' 7E
Elevation (Feet): 984
Population Est.:  110,324
Zipcode:  552101/ 552103

The Obanliku Local Government Area was created by the Military regime of General Ibrahim Babangida on August 27, 1991. Its headquarters is located at Sankwala. Obanliku Local Government is located in the Northern Senatorial District of Cross River State. It is both an inter-State and international boundary Local Government Area. It is bounded in the North by Kwanda Local Government of Benue State in the East by the Republic of Cameroon, the west by Obudu Local Government Area and in the South by Boki Local Government Area.
There are different types of festival in Obanliku some of them are:

In Obaniko there are many Tourist Attractions which includes:

     The people that inhabit Obanliku Local Government Area are predominantly farmers. Agriculture which accounts for about 80 percent of production is the mainstay of the economy of the Local Government Area. The area is blessed with abundant fertile land which is suitable for cultivation of the following cash and crops.
Apple, Banana, Cashew, Cassava, Castor, Citrus Orchard, Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Grape, Groundnut, Honey breeding, Kola nut, Mango, Palm Tree, Pineapple, Plantation, Rice, Soya beams, Tea, Wheat and Yams.

Farming is not only where people of Obanliku specialise on they are into Fishing, Cattle Rearing and Mining Exploration.
Mining Exploration: Solid Minerals abound in the area.
 These include:

  1. High quality clay suitable for pottery and ceramic work.
  2. High quality stones suitable for the manufacture of camera lenses.
  3. High quality rock used for construction after crushing into various sizes.
  4. Graphite minerals available in the hills that abound in the Local Government Area and could be used in lead pencil production.
  5. Zinc/Glass traceable in most of the hills in the area.

   Numerous waterfalls and streams useful in spring water development.

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