Udiroko Festival Ekiti State

Udiroko Festival

It is celebated in all parts of the state. It is held annually to celebrated the harvest season and the new yam.

Other festivals include;
- Okorobo festival (held in Ifaki-Ekiti),
- Ajagbo Dance (Isinbode-Ekiti),
- Ladunwo Masquerade (Oke-Imesi),
- Iromo Igede festival (Igede-Ekiti) Annually
- Odun Ifa.
- Aeregbe Afao, Igbara-Odo, Emure August, Annually
- Epa (Masquerade) Isan May, Annually
- Ikereje, Ilawe December, Annually
- Alayere, Igbara-Odo December, Annually
- Ayan, OmuoAdo Annually
- Oro Ibeji Igara-Odo August ,Annually
- Obanifon Ogotun, Are, Esure December/June/February, Annually
- Elefon Ikoro February, Annually
- Olua Epa, Eyio, Ilu-Omoba June/August, Annually
Odun Ijesu Festival

- Okudi Iyin July, August, Annually
- Eegun Ijan July, August, Annually
- Olosunta Ikere Annually
- Egungun/ImaleIdiroko All parts of the state Annually
- Oodun Iyin June, July, Annually
- Odun Opa Iyin Annually
- Amomo Ise Annually
Odun Ijesu Festival

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Odun Ijesu (New Yam Festival)
Ogun Onire Festival
Udiroko Festival