Argungu International Fishing Festival

 This is one of the most popular festivals in Africa and will be taking place this year on March 4th-7th, 2020, in Argungu town, Kebbi State of Nigeria.

Argungu International Fishing Festival

Argungu fishing festival is a way of life for the people of Kebbi State. The festival preserves tradition and promotes conservation. The annual festival takes place in February and marks the end of farming season and start of the fishing season.

The Argungu international fishing festival is a yearly event attracts people from all over Nigeria and beyond and it is a four-day cultural event that comes to a head with the fishing festival in the Matan Fada river where any fisherman that catches the biggest fish is rewarded.

The fishermen are given only one hour to come up with the biggest catch of the season, and nearly a thousand men jump into the river with their gourds and nets to fish after the gun signal. The annual event apart from the fishing festival also features musical, cultural, and sporting events.

This is a well-known annual fishing competition in Kebbi State and a tourist attraction site where all the fishermen embark on an hour fishing hunt.

The Matan Fada River is the venue for the competition and is located in Argungu, which is the capital city of Argungu Emirate Council and will not only serves as a tourist attraction during Argungu international fishing festival but also as arich cultural heritage of the Kabawa people that are the main ethnic group living in Argungu Emirate.

There are no restrictions to who can participants, the luckiest fisherman to have caught the largest fish within an hour becomes the winner and is rewarded accordingly.

Spectators are extremely large and which led enhancement of the economy of the people as a result of the beneficial commercial activities that is associated with the festival.

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Argungu International Fishing Festival
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