Kanta Museum, Argungua


The Kanta Museum is located in Argungu and is situated close to the main market. It was the Emir’s palace from around 1831 to about 1942, but it was converted to a museum in 1958 to house Argungu’s cultural heritage. The museum showcases the history of Argungu and its environs and peoples, and it portrays the ways of life of the people through arts and crafts among other artefacts. Argungu is renowned for hosting the annual international fishing competition.

This holiday season Kanta Museum is a fascinating spot to visit for those seeking adventure while soaking up the beauty, history and a more reflective experience of Argungu and its environs.Kanta Museum, built in 1831 and named after Muhammed Kanta, acclaimed founder of Kebbi Kingdom in 1515 was once an Emir’s palace. By 1942 after the British built a new administrative palace, it became vacant and on July 1, 1958 it opened as a museum.

The museum is divided into eleven compartments and has a notable collection of weapons, consisting of charms, spears, swords, wood, stones, bows and arrows, local guns and even drums on display.The ancient architectural beauty of the museum is maintained with minimal renovations and reconstruction. It retains its historic charm; and the view from outside is of ancient northern Nigerian structure and edifice.


The Emir, Alhaji Samaila Mera, comes into the museum every Friday after the Jumat service to pay homage to his ancestors by sitting for a time on the ancient throne.

Not surprising, since the museum also serves as a royal tomb; all past Emirs of Kebbi kingdom have been interred thereThe Kanta Museum is a fascinating treasure house for those seeking a more reflective experience of Argungu and its environs."

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