Police Stations Ondo State

ondo-police-station Ondo

Fanibi Police Station
Address: 754C+8WP, Fanibi Rd, 340110, Akure, Ondo

Police Station, Ofosu
Federal police in Ofosu
Address: Q43Q+QJ3, 340107, Ofosu, Ondo

Ilara Mokin Police Station
Address: 9443+M66, Along Wuraola Adeojo, Road, Ilara-Mokin, Ondo

Osokoti Police station
Police academy in Akure
Address: 76G2+9G3, 340110, Akure, Ondo

Isua Police Station
Address: Abuja-Okene Road, Ondo

Scorpion Squad Police Station
Address: 843X+XH5, 340110, Akure, Ondo

Osi Divisional Police Headquarters
Address: 874C+Q3Q, 340284, Akure Ondo
Phone: +234 8062606730

The Nigerian Police Force, B Division
Address: 65RR+254, Oke-Aro St, opposite Andy Best Stores, behind Alaafia Tayo Street, 340283, Akure Ondo

Orire Community Police Station
Address: 65V4+7WG, 340110, Akure, Ondo

Ondo State Police Headquarters
Address: 66RQ+5G7, Akin Akinbobola St, 340106, Akure Ondo

Police Station
Address: 4R48+7VC, 351110, Ondo

Nigerian Police Station A Division
Address:Oba Adesida Road, 340283, Akure Ondo
Phone: 08053457742

Orire Community Police Station
Police station in Akure
Address: 65V4+7WG, 340110, Akure Ondo

Police Station, Divisional Headquarters

Police station in Oba Ile
Address: 7766+GG6, Road, 340106, Oba Ile

Ore Divisional Police Station
Police station in Ore
Address: PVWF+963, 350107, Ore Ondo

Igbokoda Police Station
Address: 9Q8X+W53, Broad Street, 352117, Igbokoda Ondo
Phone: +234 8068637330


Okuta Elerinla Police Station
Sheriff's department in Akure
Address: 759C+C8P, 340110, Akure, Ondo

Police Station
Address: 44 Yaba St, 351110, Ondo


Police Station Odode Idanre
Police station in Idanre
Address: 4465+JQQ, 340108, Idanre, Ondo

Nigerian Police Force, futa
Address: 844V+6GG, 340110, Akure Ondo

Police Headquarters, Akure

Address: 66RQ+2G9, 340106, Akure Ondo
Phone: +234 816 325 8536


Nigeria Police Band
Address: 66R3+QW8, 340283, Akure, Ondo


Police Station, Okeagbe Akoko
Address: JQH8+HR8, 342104, Okeagbe, Ondo

Ijapo Division A police station
Police academy in Akure
Address: Ijapo Estate, 340110, Akure
Phone: +234 816 433 1524


Okegbede Police Station
Address: GQ33+88J, 342111, Ikare, Ondo

Police Station
Federal police in Oba
Address: 9PPF+7G9, 342106, Oba Akoko, Ondo

Ala Police Station
Address: 66P7+39H, 340283, Akure, Ondo

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