Popular Markets in Bayelsa State

Popular Markets in Bayelsa State

Popular Markets in Bayelsa State

Popular Markets in Bayelsa State.

Below is the list of Popular Markets in Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

Swali Market

Needs Upgrade as it is the main market for Yenagoa. However, it is a one-stop shop for house shopping.

Igbogene Main Market

We specialize on unisex tailoring work also selling a good fabric and bell material.

Opolo market.

The market is located along the road. It is mostly full with some varieties of stuffs ranging from food items, OK clothes, etc. Items are relatively cheap here on Fridays compared to the common prices of things in Yenagoa.

Kpansia Market.

The traders are always selling on d express, which does not good enough while the state government is not doing anything about it, That is negligence to part of people drafted to over see the market. It is saddened.

Agudama Epie Market.

Its a place you can get food stuffs, wears and fruits. The only flaw is that it's situated along the road, which is dangerous because of vehicles.

Jetty Market - Twon Brass.

Everything there is expensive because they have to buy from yenagoa and ferry it to brass, the only good thing there is light.

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White-Man Graveyard at Twon Brass

Amasinghan Festival
Asi Oge Festival
Eremutoru Festival
Idumangi Festival
Idumangi Olali
Igboruma War Canoe
Ikpai-Kpai Annual Festival
Ikagi Masquerade
Izogua Annual Festival
Lake Ifi Fishing Festival
Obunem Festival
Odemimom Festival
Ogoriba Uge Festival
Oguberi Festival
Okolode Festival
Opuaduno Lake Fishing Festival
Uge Adiafa Festival
Seigbein Fishing Festival

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