Barakau Annual Festival

Barakau Annual Festival

This is a famous festival performed by the three tribes of Karai-Karai, Ngoma and Ngizim who are found in Potiskum, Nangere, Fika and Fune Local Government Areas. The festival is an annual event and takes place between the months of June and September, it is performed by killing an aged cock of over one year old and its blood is allowed to flow on all farming implements of a household (each household or a group household can perform the ritual).

After cooking the cock, the women carry some of the food on their heads to the oldest person’s house in the community along with the farming implements. The elder will then pray for high yield, abundance and blessed season. The women then, carry the food back home and give it to invitees to eat. After the meal, there will be different kinds of traditional dances by different age groups. The festival could be an exciting experience.

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Barakau Annual Festival
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