Durbar and Festivals

Durbar and Festivals Borno

The Durbar reflects the state’s cultural and historical dignity. It is a significant royal display of horsemanship mainly organized to mark important occasions and Sallah festivities

. The Durbar is characterized by royal horsemen, dances and gorgeous - horses, trumpeters led by the Shehu, Emirs,District heads and other traditional title holders as the case may be.

Durbar and Festivals Borno

Other Festivals
Other remarkable festivals which attract tourists from far and near are DDA, MDA and the Menwara Festivals. The DERA people of Shani Emirate celebrate the Menwara festival and it offers an opportunity for the Emir of Shani to consult with his people on matters of peace, security,unity and progress.

The Menwara also serves as a period for initiation of age groups and appreciation of the year’s harvest. It also marks the beginning of the New year. While the Dikwa and Marte Development Associations usually organize cultural activities annnually towards the end of year to mainly preach peace, unity and harmonious co-existence amongst the generality of the populace.

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