Igbamgba (Wrestling Festival) Ebonyi State

Igba Mgba is a festival for the brave. In the olden days, this festival was used to test the muscular strength of the men of the community such that before you get married, you must show your muscular strength to the community by participating in the festival.
Igbamgba (Wrestling Festival)
Igba Mgba is a competition in which strong and young men engage in combat sport which involves grappling-type techniques such as clinch fighting, joint locks and takedowns, throws, pins, and other Grappling hold. It usually takes place in any main event in the southeast part of Nigeria such as the Iri Ji festival, Nmanwu Festival, etc.

In some communities, it is an annual event and prizes are given to the champions. In the olden days, most kings choose suitors to their daughters through the Igba Mgba festival. This is a wrestling festival in which strong men exhibit their muscular superiority by contesting in wrestles and come out champions.

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