Ezeagu Tourist Complex Enugu State


Located in the southern central pan of Enugu State, the Ezeagu Tourist Complex is a half hour drive from the state capital and sits in an area of outstanding natural beauty. The complex features exotic foliage, a beautiful waterfall, a natural spring and lake and a three kilometer long cave full of tunnels and chambers.

Take a thirty minutes drive from the bustling capital city of Enugu State to Ezeagu Tourist Complex. The complex exhibits one of the natural wonders of nature. Measuring about 22 hectares in size, it comprises a lake, a cave and a waterfall (spring water). Pilgrims are continuously attracted to this site following the believed curative nature of the water from the fall.


The waterfall, locally called ‘Ogbagada’ is about 23 meters high. The water rushes down the cliff with a thunderous sound that can be heard from a distance.

One great phenomenon about Ogbagada is its associated ability to signal the beginning of harmattan through an unusual loud noise from the falls. Its splendour is expressed by the almost 5 kilometers long Obinofia cave whose sheer size and compartments is awe-striking.

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