Popular Markets in Enugu State

Popular Markets in Enugu State

Popular Markets in Enugu State.

Below is the list of Popular Markets in Enugu State, Nigeria.

It is the choice market for wholesale buyers and sellers. Just like other major markets in the country, Ogbete is segmented into lines and lock-up shops. Each line is made up of various lock-up shops occupied by traders dealing on similar or related goods. In Ogbete, some of the lines are numbered alphabetically such as K-line, M-line D-line etc. However, some other major lines are not numbered alphabetically, they are railway line or electronics line, provision line, plastic line, cosmetic line, books line etc.

Residents of Enugu usually prefer going to Ogbete for major shopping, to buy things in bulk, to purchase quality and original goods, to have access to varieties, to buy new products and to buy goods at wholesale or company price. Apart from clothing and textile materials, prices of commodities in the market are moderately cheap.

Ogige market is the 2nd largest market in Enugu state. It is situated along university road, Nsukka town in Nsukka local government area. This is the major market that serves the entire Nsukka tribe, especially the prestigious University of Nigeria (UNN) community. Commodities, especially food products are very cheap at Ogige market because they are sourced from the surrounding towns and villages. Ogige market is home of assorted fruits and nuts such as banana, cashew nut, groundnut as they are mostly sourced locally. Nsukka people are also renowned for the production of honey. The headquarters of Peace Mass Transit Limited owned by Dr. Sam Onyeishi (popularly called Peace Mass) is also situated opposite the market. The market and the Peace Mass garage, including Ifesinachi motor park have being enjoying a mutually beneficial business relationship.

This is another major market in Enugu, situated along works road Enugu. Major public facilities sited around New Market include Nigeria Security and Civil Defence State Command, Federal Road Safety Corps State Command, Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria. It has most feature of the Ogbete market except in size. The market is also unique as it is a choice market where you can buy special local goods brought from places like Ngwo, Udi, and Ezeagu.

The Afor Garriki market is a big market in enugu due to its unique location. Garriki is the entry point to Enugu from the south and the end point of the popular Agbani road in Enugu City. Most travelers from south east states, Port-Harcourt and Akwa-ibom will most likely come into Enugu through Garriki unless they bypass through Enugu-PortHarcourt road. Most local goods sold at Garriki are from Amechi, Nkanu Land, Awgu and Aninri Local Government. At Garriki you will be able to get commercial buses going to all parts of Enugu city. Because of many garages situated at Garriki, the market, especially shops along the road, remain open until late in the night. Fruits, vegetables and local foods are usually plenty and very affordable at Garriki market.

Artisan market is one of the oldest market in enugu metropolis. It is situated along Ogui road, adjacent to Ebeano tunnel driveway. Some of the things you can buy at Artisan Market include food stuffs, meat, livestock, groceries, clothes, electronics etc.

This market is located along Enugu- Port Harcourt expressway close to Goshen estate. It trades majorly on livestock example cow, goats, sheep etc. the market attracts traders from different parts of the countriesThe major livestock suppliers in this market are Hausa cattle traders.

Kenyatta is the most popular building material market in Enugu state. It is located beside kenyetta street, Uwani enugu. Kenyetta is the market where you can buy all kinds of building materials, including furniture, interior decoration materials and other household items. Beyond materials for building, traders in the market also sell foodstuffs and other commodities.

This market, also referred to as Enugu Auto/Spare Parts market is the choice market for all automobile products and services. At the market, you will find all kinds of vehicle, tricycle and motorcycle parts and also get the services of professional and experienced auto-mechanics. Any motor part(s) or automobile services you couldn’t get at coal camp would almost be impossible to get any other place in Enugu.

Abakpa market popularly called ‘Afia Akpa’ is a mini market situated along Abakpa-Nike road. The market deals on household commodities, especially food stuffs. This is the market that receives farm produce from Nike, Ugwogo, and neighboring communities. The market is usually fuller in the evening and often causes traffic jam around Texaco junction and all the adjoining routes.

Mayor market is a Small commodity market located opposite Mobile Police Barack, along Agbani road. The market is mainly for fruits, vegetables, foods and household items. The market is usually very busy in the evening causing heavy traffic along Amokwe-Amechi axis of Agbani road.

New Haven Market is a mini market sited in new haven, enugu. The market only serves the household needs of New haven residents.

This market is situated along Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway. It is a major meat market in Enugu. At Garriki you can buy cows, goats and meats. The major livestock suppliers in this market are Hausa cattle traders. Enugu residents who are hosting big occasions usually go to the market to buy cows.

Orie Emene as it is popularly called is located in Emene town. It is a market where you can find all local goods, foods, fruits and vegetables. The market which is situated along the road serves the needs of Emene residents. Hence, they usually don’t need to travel to buy things from Ogbete main market.

The market is situated along Abakpa-Nike road. Just like Kenyetta, the market provides building materials, including furniture, interior decoration materials and other household items.

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