Gani Durbar Festival Jigawa State

Gani Durbar Festival

Tourism is all about what is unique in a place and its people. Some of the key areas of interest in Jigawa State include cultural, natural places of significance and special events like Eid-el-fitr and Eid-el-Kabir.As practicing Muslims, the Eid-el-fitr and Eid-el-Kabir celebrations are main festivals of the people and these cut across ethnic barriers being a period of celebration for Muslims all over the world. The celebration of the birth of Prophet Muhammad in Hadejia and Gumel emirates, called the Sallar Gani, has become very popular because of its fanfare.

The Gani (Durbar) festival is an annual celebration and dates back to 14th century when horses assumed an important role in the history of Hausa states. Sharo cultural festival is another festival that attracts tourists’. It is an annual whipping game to celebrate new harvest and demonstrate courage and endurance expected of Fulani young herdsmen in the jungle.

Music is an integral part of Sharo. About 10 pairs of large drums accompanied by congas and a wailing mouth organ are used to produce the desired rhythm so as to put the young men in the right mood.

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Gani Durbar Festival