Festivals and Carnivals in Nigeria

Festivals and Carnivals in Nigeria Calabar Carnival
Calabar Carnival

Festivals and Carnivals in Nigeria

Nigeria has a rich and diverse culture with festivals and carnivals taking place almost all year round. With more than 370 people groups and enthnic nationalities,there is a lot of diversity and range of cultural experiences on offer

This ranges from cultural dances, festivals, carnivals, boat regattas etc. Most of the festivals rooted in ancient history while some carnivals are more recent (street parties, film, food, music festivals etc and most of them attract international participation with countries sending delegations or contingents.

Best Annual Festivals and Carnivals in Nigeria

Best Festivals and Carnivals in Nigeria Kano Durbar Festival
Kano Durbar Festival


Festivals and Carnivals in Nigeria

Abia State
Abuja (FCT)
  • Abuja Carnival
  • Abuja International Film Festival
  • National Festival for Arts and Culture (NAFEST)
Adamawa State
Akwa Ibom State
Anambra State

Bauchi State
Bayelsa State
Benue State
Borno State
Cross River State

Delta State
Ebonyi State
Edo State
Ekiti State
Enugu State
Gombe State

Imo State
  • Ahiajoku Festival
  • Bia were Oji and Riforo festival
  • Ebuebu Festival
  • Egbenkwu festival
  • Ibo Uzo Cultural festival
  • Igaji (New Yam) festival
  • Igba Mmanwu/Isuachara festivals
  • Igba owu Festival
  • Igu Aro Festival
  • Iguaro Nri Festival
  • Ihe Udummiri festival
  • Ikeji Festival
  • Imo Carnival
  • Iri unani festivals
  • Iriji festival (new yam festival)
  • Ite Festival
  • Itu Aka festival
  • Iwa Akwa Festival
  • Mbom -Uzo festival
  • Mkpukpuzo and Ita Okazi Festival
  • Mmanwu festival
  • Ntumamka festival
  • Oghu Cultural festival
  • Oja Cultural Festival
  • Oji Ezinihitte festival
  • Okonko festival
  • Okorosha festival
  • Omereife festival
  • Onwu Awaka Festival
  • Onwu Oru Festival
  • Oru Owerri Festival
  • Oruru- Ukwu festival
  • Ovala Festival
  • Owu festival
  • Ugu-Uzo Festival
Jigawa State
Kaduna State
Kano State

Katsina State
Kebbi State
Kogi State
Kwara State
Lagos State

Nasarawa State
Niger State
  • Nupe Day Festival
Ogun State
Ondo State
Osun State

Oyo State
Plateau State
Rivers State
Sokoto State
Taraba State
Yobe State
Zamfara State

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